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Revenue Assurance | Remarkable Analytics

What is Revenue Assurance

Traditionally, Revenue Assurance is only associated with Telecom Providers. Nowadays, in our vision, Revenue Assurance has evolved to become a crucial discipline applicable to all companies, regardless of their industry or sector.

Revenue Assurance can be defined as a set of processes, strategies, and controls implemented within an organization to ensure that revenue-related activities are accurately captured, measured, and safeguarded. It encompasses a range of practices aimed at identifying and mitigating potential revenue leaks, inconsistencies, and risks that can adversely impact a company's financial health.

Revenue leakage can occur from both the revenue and expenditure sides, but most commonly, it is attributed to not billing customers accurately and under-billing them for products and services rendered. These billing inaccuracies lead to missed revenue opportunities and can have a significant impact on a company's financial performance. 

Main Advantages

  • Increase your revenue

  • Reduce your costs

  • Safe time

Why Revenue Assurance

When implementing or assessing Revenue Assurance you start looking back in the past. What services are offered to your clients, and are these clients billed accurately? The potential results of this analysis can be divided into 3 groups:

Retrievable Leakage; The potential amount of leakage that can be retrieved
Non-Retrievable Leakage; The amount of leakage that can not be retrieved
Preventable Leakage; The amount of leakage that can prevent leaking in the future

Although with Revenue Assurance you are looking back at the past, the identification of leakage opportunities does not stop there. Additional controls can be built to prevent leakage in the future (preventable leakage)

The figure below gives an overview of the potential leakage opportunities.
Use our solution as fast as possible to recover leakage and prevent future leakage. 

Revenue Assurance | Remarkable Analytics

Identify your profit potential

Implementing effective Revenue Assurance practices helps identify and rectify such leakage, ensuring that every product and service delivered is appropriately billed and accounted for, increase the organization's revenue and overall financial health.

Our Revenue Assurance solution offers the most direct money to your organization. You will get all insights into missing Revenue and Cost reductions.
We identify what services you offered to your clients and didn't invoice (yet) and find out where can you save money on unintended costs.

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