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What is Process Mining

Organizations operate their processes using numerous IT systems, which often leads to a multitude of inefficiencies that can negatively impact their business. By utilizing process mining, we can identify and rectify these inefficiencies, thereby improving your business operations.


Process Mining is a powerful analytical technique to visualize and analyze processes.

It aims to discover, analyze, and improve business processes within an organization based on the data generated during its execution. It leverages event logs and other data sources to provide valuable insights into how processes actually occur, rather than how they are intended to occur.

Main Advantages

  • Results are objective (fact-based)

  • Complete (insight into all variations)

  • Efficient process improvement 

Why Process Mining

Process Mining has gained significant traction across industries as a valuable tool for process optimization, operational excellence, and digital transformation. By leveraging the power of data analytics, organizations can uncover hidden opportunities, enhance efficiency, and drive continuous improvement within their processes. Below an example of a Process Mining overview where you can zoom into each step for more details.

Process Mining | Remarkable Analytics

Identify your profit potential 

Using process mining helps identify the inefficiencies in your organization, different varieties of processes could lead to performance reductions. 

Our Process Mining service displays the most effective way to get insights into your processes and improve inefficiencies. Inefficiencies over time cost companies a lot of money. Also time can be saved by improving these processes.


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