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Companies lose 5% of their revenue every year…

Prevent revenue leakage with minimal time investment

Increase Profit | Remarkable Analytics

Increase your profit

Improve decision making | Remarkable Analytics

Improve decision making

Safe time | Remarkable Analytics

Safe time

Your data is too valuable to waste, and so is your time

Research has shown that every year approximately 5% of revenue leaks unnoticed out of companies. Fees are not charged to their customers, incorrect or duplicate discounts, unnecessary subscriptions and licenses are continuously costing money, and numerous IT systems lead to inefficiencies which can negatively impact the business. 

Solutions are often complex and take lots of time from the organization, time that is not available.

In our 15+ years of experience, we noticed the following challenges:  

  • Management Information & Insights are (partially) missing or incorrect

  • Invoices to clients are not 100% complete

  • Inefficiencies in processes are not (always) noticed

  • Time is very limited 

Main Challenges

With the use of the data in the organization, we can solve this easily

What our clients say 

Maarten Bokehloh
Service Owner Data Quality

Remarkable Analytics has supported our Data Quality Circle to our full satisfaction with analyzing, prioritizing, and resolving data quality issues. The project was initially started for 1 of the granular reports, namely SHS-G. Mark carried out this assignment to full satisfaction and subsequently took up the role more broadly than previously agreed by also taking the lead in resolving and restructuring a second report. Thanks to his efforts, both projects were successfully completed and transferred to the organization. We got to know Mark as a very pleasant colleague who works hard, a real team player, and someone who can think along well with the organization. 


Jasper Greven
Manager Supply Chain Excellence
Fenix Outdoor

Within 1 day of introduction to our data infrastructure, Mark was ready to take over the entire migration.

The migration from our on-prem BI environment to PowerBI Cloud was successfully completed. Additionally, Mark developed different reports and insights for the organization.


With Mark on the team, it is possible to let things go and you can trust that the organization will be helped forward.


Ross van Ravenswaay 
Programmamanager Bedrijfsvoering
Provincie Utrecht

We wanted to gain better insight into the operation of a particular business process. Remarkable Analytics helped us visualize bottlenecks with Data Analytics and Process Mining in Power BI. We were then able to set out targeted actions to improve the process. Remarkable Analytics has made the problem clear with its customer-oriented approach and has built a custom solution that can now be used by the organization. We are very positive about the collaboration and hope to be able to pick up more projects together.


Jonathan Gurevich - Management advisor 
Dominosgroup / Immensus

As the largest Domino's Pizza franchisee in the Netherlands with 18 stores, it is crucial for us to balance having enough inventory and minimizing waste. Thanks to Remarkable Analytics, we now have a solution that perfectly addresses this problem.


Remarkable Analytics truly understood our challenges. Perishable products need to be sold quickly, but we also don't want to run out during peak times. The predictive model that Remarkable Analytics developed gives us a daily overview of products at high risk of running out within two days. This prevents waste and ensures we almost never have to say no to customers.


Remarkable Analytics's approach was excellent. They took the time to understand our needs and developed a solution that seamlessly fits our operations. Communication was always clear, and we genuinely felt they were a partner always ready to help.


Thanks to Remarkable Analytics's daily suggestions, we know exactly what to do to always have fresh products without unnecessary costs or stress. It has made our operations significantly more efficient.


In short, Remarkable Analytics has greatly helped us in a professional, reliable, and personal manner. Highly recommended!


Simon Jan Haijtink -
Chief Financial Officer

As ‘trust is good, but control is better’, Mark supported our organization with his Revenue Assurance Service to get an extra confirmation that RIPE NCC is doing the right things and is fully in control.


The results of the analysis performed were clear and to the point. We are fully satisfied with the results and the performance of Mark.

Although the used data and systems are business-specific, Mark didn’t need a lot of support which minimized the time and effort from our organization. He is a trustworthy (data) expert and with the business model that he is using, performing analysis with Mark should make money for organizations.


Your success story here?

Can't wait to turn your data into profits? Contact us and maybe you are our next client! 

Choose for our solution

With our solution, we will identify up to 5% of your missing revenue. We will take your data and turn it into profits with limited time investment from you and your organization.

We offer 3 different services/techniques which work separately but most often the services are combined together to get the most effective result!

Use our Services
Dashboarding & Insights | Remarkable Analytics

Dashboarding & Insights

Dashboarding & Insights is the basis to turn your data into profits.

Get insights into your Financial- or Operational data, your KPI's and trends in PowerBI dashboards to improve data-driven decision making and make more money.

Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance offers the most direct money to your organization.


Get insights into missing Revenue and Cost reductions. Identify what services you offered to your clients and didn't invoice (yet) and find out where can you save money on costs.

Revenue Assurance | Remarkable Analytics
Process Mining | Remarkable Analytics

Process Mining

Process mining is the most effective way to get insights into your processes and inefficiencies.


Inefficiencies over time cost companies a lot of money. Also time can be saved by improving these processes

You are 3 steps away from more profit
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Make more Profit
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Create the insights to increase your revenue, cut costs and remove inefficiencies. 

Organizing Data
"We know how to identify missing revenue, save costs and identify inefficiencies for your organization"
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Free Quick Scan available
Personal and professional approach
Future proof solution (Possibility for recurring insights)
No additional software needed
Customized approach (Agile)
Increased efficiency of employees
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